The European Union breathes again

24th April 2017 09:46 theforexportal 0

The nightmare scenario of Emmanuel Macron not making it to round 2 of the French Presidential Election fortunately did not materialize. As the polls predicted round two of the French Presidential Election on May 7 […]


Hope yet for the GBP?

11th April 2017 14:31 theforexportal 0

My last post suggested that the GBP could be in trouble with prices falling last week and critical support being tested. Key to GBP’s fortunes was that 200 sma on several pairs and whether this […]


GBP looks under pressure

9th April 2017 15:11 theforexportal 0

Before last week the GBP was holding above the key 200 sma levels on the daily time frame across several GBP crosses and the picture was BULLISH with some sound economic numbers and talk of […]


BUY GBP/JPY for a big move north

5th April 2017 11:34 theforexportal 0

For some time the price of GBPJPY 0.42% has hugged the 200 sma on the DTF. Yesterday saw another touch of the 200 and the price immediately headed north though price declined throughout the day. […]

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